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What the Duck Geo-Art??

Quackers have recently released our Geo-Art project of 37 puzzles, in and around Belleville. There is a great mix of easy puzzles and some that are a little harder. Welcome to Belleville area!

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Welcome To The Quinte Area Caching Krew

Welcome to the new website for the Quackers - The Quinte Area Caching Krew. Due to unforeseen issues with the old website, I have redone the site so there are no further issues.

This is our place for items that are not overly suitable for on Facebook such as linking code for our caches, high quality copies of our logos if you want to print t-shirts, hats, etc.

If you think of any other things we should have on here, let me know. Likewise if you have any caching photos you would like to share.